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Pick a Side: China or Taiwan

As China makes increasingly provocative and aggressive moves against the nearby island of Taiwan, United States President, Joe Biden, and his administration are once again pledging their support for Taiwan against the powerhouse of China. This sticky situation keeps on presenting itself, and despite all the trade at stake, the United States is defending Taiwan.

More trouble started recently when Nancy Pelosi visited the island of Taiwan, pledging her government’s support to the small nation. Then last month China began running a series of military drills very close to the Taiwan Strait, which seemed to be a response to Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, since they began shortly after her departure. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry also reported an excess of Chinese naval vessels and aircraft in the sea and airspace lately.

Kurt Campbell, a top White House aide for the Indo-Pacific, said during a press call Friday, “China has overreacted, and its actions continue to be provocative, destabilizing and unprecedented. China launched missiles into the waters around Taiwan. It declared exclusion zones around Taiwan that disrupted civilian, air and maritime traffic.

“Explaining that China wasn’t playing by the rules, Campbell also made it clear that China violated the long-established centerline that separates Taiwan from China, and that is why Biden called on the USS Ronald Reagan to station itself for the foreseeable future in the Philippines Sea, east of Taiwan.

The United States has been in a precarious position in terms of Taiwan since then President Richard Nixon re-established communication with Communist China, and since that time the United States has recognized “one China. But on the other hand, the United States has had an “unofficial” relationship with Taiwan, never going so far as to recognize that China had a claim to the nearby island. This sticky situation continues today.

The United States is continuing to fulfill its obligations from the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, and supporting the self-defense of the island is a big part of that, but it (seemingly paradoxically) also continues to support the “one China” policy.

“We oppose any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side, and we do not support Taiwan independence, and we expect cross-Strait differences to be resolved by peaceful means,” Campbell said.With the recent maneuvers in the East, it seems as though the status quo is bending.

Advisor to Berkeley Capital, Adnan Zai said, “There is a reason why every President since Taiwan’s creation has played it neutral. It is a zero-sum game when it comes to Taiwan because there is no cost/benefit to fight the fight. Biden’s stance serves no purpose and in fact will only antagonize China which is the largest holder of US debt.”

China, for their part, is certainly not backing down, and the world definitely does not need more conflict. The United States seems to have found a no-win situation in backing Taiwan, but it is more understandable since they do want to stand up to the aggressor China. At the end of the day, hopefully the conflict will shake out with a positive outcome.

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